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Tips and Tricks for IVF Transfer Day

You made it! After months of prep work (hopefully involving acupuncture) and the emotional ups and downs of shots and medications, the big day is finally here, your IVF transfer day. I get so many questions about this day, and rightfully so. We work hard to get your body optimized for this moment, so now what? What happens that day, and how do you move forward after? Let us take a moment and talk about how we can make your IVF transfer day smooth and relaxing. I have preached this time and time again, intention and mindset is key. Here are my tips and tricks for the big day:

Prepare for a quickie…

When I first went to perform acupuncture before and after a transfer, I was shocked at how anticlimactic it was. I thought…wait, what was it? For the most part, your transfer is going to be quick. Maybe 10 minutes? It is clinical, cold, and sterile. This can come as quite a shock to some. We put so much time into planning this day, we feel like it is going to take all day. You will with your reproductive endocrinologist, and they will use an ultrasound to find the best place for the embryo in your uterus. My advice is to go in, get your procedure done, make the most out of the small about of time it is, and then get out and create a beautiful day for yourself. Plan a day that involves laughter, cuddles, and maybe a little bit of pampering.

No, it will not fall out…

I want you to take it easy but avoid bed rest. Keep your afternoon relaxing, enjoy a nice walk in nature or watch a comedy with friends. Nap, rest, and then gently move. If you are having a fresh transfer, your ovaries might be swollen and tender, so check in with your body and understand your limits. It is not a good idea to hit up the cross fit gym for the first time. Some gentle Yoga Nidra might be a wonderful end to your transfer day.


Go to the bathroom directly after the transfer to reduce uterine contractions. Also, it just feels good because you have hold your full bladder through the whole procedure. The doctor will tell you that you need to have a full bladder before the transfer because this helps the doctor see your insides better during the procedure. Make sure that it is not painful. Think of it as good practice before you are pregnant, because once that little one starts bouncing around on your bladder, the ability to hold urine becomes a game only moms can master.

A good luck charm…

I love seeing pictures of women wearing fun cozy socks that say things like “IVF QUEEN” “MAMA TO BE” or “GOOD LUCK”. These types of totems or charms are a great way to spread good vibes and send out those positive intentions. You can pick anything that makes you feel good. Some women will go into the procedure with their favorite crystal or charm. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that feels good to YOU. Make is fun by picking your favorite color or smell. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your totem to make it feel even more relaxing.

Do not skip breakfast…

I know your nervous, and eating might be the last thing on your mind the day of your IVF transfer, but I encourage you to eat a good healthy breakfast. Fill yourself full of healthy protein and healthy fat. We want to try to balance your sugar and give you energy that is going to last through the day. Skip the extra cup of coffee that morning if you are finding yourself with anxiety. The extra caffeine can increase that restless feeling and make it worse.


When it is all said and done, at the end of the day I want you to cuddle up with your partner and snuggle close. Cultivate compassion, love and above all, hope. Your journey has been difficult, and you may feel battered, broken, exhausted, or maybe even relieved. Celebrate the wins and reflect on the loses. You have learned a lot about yourself, your body, and your relationship with the people around you. Take some time to gently reflect on all that has been your process and your journey. If you have strong feelings come up, write them down in a journal. Internal suffering leads to internal disease, so it is important to process it and try to get it out.

Get Acupuncture before and after transfer…

A recent research study published concluded that having acupuncture during your IVF cycle can increase your chances of having a baby by up to 30%. Acupuncture can lower stress, help increase blood flow to important reproductive organs, and decreases inflammation. It also helps decrease uterine cramping on the day of transfer and the weeks following. I highly recommend scheduling your acupuncture sessions as soon as you get your IVF cycle scheduled.

Now, the hard part…

The two-week wait until the pregnancy test is hard. Now that the transfer has taken place, all you can do is sit and wait for the embryo to root. Acknowledge the hardness. Feel and feels. My advice for the next two weeks is this, make a plan and control your stress. What do I mean by making a plan? A stress reduction plan for post transfer is going to give you the tools to handle the ups and downs of the waiting game. I want you to sit down, preferably before your transfer day, and write down a list of your top stressors. Maybe it is work deadlines, cooking dinner, or family obligations. Once you have your top stressors written down, right next to it, write what you will do to help mitigate that stressor. It might just mean saying no or delegating some tasks to others. It might also mean setting up health boundaries with family and friends, and not overextending yourself. Commit to going for walks, watching fun movies, or taking some space to be alone and reflect. What every you decide to do, make it all about YOU.

For more information, call my office today to set up your FREE 30 min. phone consultation.

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