Fees, Insurance, and Fertility Programs

Big Sky Fertility and Wellness provides exemplary preventive care, treatment, and management of reproductive health related issues with the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy.

Below you will find a menu of services and accompanying fees, as well as our discount program rates. Big Sky Fertility and Wellness are not contracted with any insurance companies, but we will happily provide you with a superbill and any needed assistance in seeking reimbursement.  


Payment is accepted by cash, check & all major credit cards.


Initial Office Visit for New Patients    $110   

Detailed Medical History, Intake, Herbal Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment

90 Minute Session


Office Visit for Existing Patients     $80

Brief Intake, Acupuncture Treatment & review of supplement and herbal regimen

60 Minute Session

Follow-up Office Visit Discounted Programs 

Buy 6 treatments, get 1 free 

Buy 10 treatments, get 2 free

Fertility Program


2 treatments a week for 3 months ALSO INCLUDES:

BBT charting Class (60 min)

Gratitude journal and weekly affirmations

Monthly guided medications

Monthly Fertility recipes and Chinese Medicine nutritional counseling


Pregnancy Program

(Prices vary)

1 treatment a week throughout pregnancy ALSO INCLUDES:

Monthly meditations

Post partum planning class (60 min)

Acupressure class for partners and birth support (60 min)


Post Partum Program


1 treatment for 12 weeks post partum ALSO INCLUDES:

3 mother warming treatments

1 bone broth meal and boosting QI recipes

Sleep routine action plan class (30 min)

*Programs do not include price of herbs

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