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Chinese herbal medicine is an important and integral aspect of Chinese holistic medicine. Chinese herbs have natural medicinal properties that allow the body to heal, and combined with acupuncture can strongly enhance treatments and speed up recovery.

Like Acupuncture, herbs not only treat symptoms but also treat the underlying conditions and are created and modified for each individual. An average herbal formula contained about 12 herb. herbs can consists of dried leaves, flowers,roots, bark, twigs, seeds, as well as animal and mineral products. Herbs are taken orally via powders or tincturs. Formulas are usully taken 2-3 times a day and taken for as long as needed.

At Big Sky Fertility and Wellness, herbal medicine is essential in treating male and female reproductive issues including feritiy as well as treatments of many other issues such as common colds and flues, digestive problems, and sleep issues. If you feel like Chinese Herbal medicine is right for you, book an appointment for an initial consultation today.

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