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Infertility Support Group

This Peer-to-Peer support group meets the frist Friday of every month at 9 am, at the office. Breakfast is provided. This group usually lasts 1.5 hrs. Facilitated by Dr. Rhianna Weaver. No RSVP required. Support groups do not meet in the summer.


May 5 at 9 am

September 1 at 9 am

October 6 at 9 am

November 3 at 9 am

December 1 at 9 am 

Pregnancy after Infertility Support Group

This peer-to-peer support group meets the second Wednesday evening at 6 pm, here at the office. Snacks provided. This group usually lasts 1 hour, and is Facilitated by a group facilitator. No RSVP required. 

May 10 at 6 pm

June 7 at 6 pm

September 6 at 6 pm

October 4 at 6pm

November 8 at 6 pm

December 6 at 6 pm

Please call the office at 406-518-1887 for more information 

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